A famous crypto analyst claims that these 3 cryptocurrencies are preparing to explode, despite the tremors in the markets over the weekend.

A crypto strategist, who is followed by 320,200 people on Twitter, claims that the 3 cryptocurrencies he mentioned are in preparation for a rally, and one of them is on the verge of a Zilliqa (ZIL)-like exit, which has risen 600% in two weeks.

The analyst, known as Credible on Twitter, believes that Bitcoin (BTC), XRP and Litecoin will continue their upward momentum despite the market turmoil over the weekend. The analyst told his followers that he expects Bitcoin to pull back to the $42,000 level before continuing its uptrend.

   "With this last weekly close we have reclaimed a very significant level. The last 4 times we closed above or below this level on HTF we have moved to the opposite end of the range over a number of weeks. Expecting the same this time- a retest of low 40k's and continuation up. $BTC"

Credible Btc

As the chart above shows, the crypto strategist is predicting a rally above $50,000 for Bitcoin once this short pullback is over.

   "Taking a bit longer than expected but still on track. Higher low put in and grinding up. May see some lower TF volatility but I do think we hold our higher low and continue up from here. $XRP"

Credible Xrp

   "We are now right in my area of ​​interest. Might head a few cents lower than where we are now but as per my last tweet I expect we form a bottom/higher low in this region and continue up. $XRP"

Credible Xrp 2

Another cryptocurrency on the analyst's list is Ripple (XRP). Credible says it is poised for a rally above $1.00 after the eighth-largest coin formed a higher low that signals a bullish outlook. As a result, Credible; He predicts that XRP will rise to $1.01 and then $1.50.

The last cryptocurrency analysis shared by Credible belongs to Litecoin (LTC), which started out as a competitor to Bitcoin. According to Credible, Litecoin's chart resembles the market structure of Zilliqa (ZIL), which has soared over 600% in a short time.

   "$ZIL up nearly 6x in two weeks and $LTC seems to be setting up similarly from a technical perspective...this next leg up across the board is gonna be fun."

Credible Zil Ltc