Analyst: Big pump coming to BTC and CRV

The analyst, who is famous in the crypto money market with the nickname Credible Crypto, said in a statement to his 343,400 subscribers on Twitter, that the monthly candle in BTC can experience a value increase of $ 10,000. The trader also issues a warning. According to him, Bitcoin’s dive below $ 29,000 on Monday evening may cause the rise he mentioned to be experienced late. BTC reached $28,500 with a fresh decline earlier this week. Then we saw a bounce to $30,000 and a return to $29,000 again. Analyst Credible also says:

The recent bearish dip indicates that traders need to be a little more patient. This doesn’t change anything on high time charts. It just pauses the bullish momentum on the low time charts.

The analyst is also bullish on the price of the decentralized finance (DeFi) altcoin Curve (CRV). Here he points out that many short positions are in the harmful territory. According to him, these shorts will have to leave their positions. The analyst is waiting for a new leap. However, he also states that the CRV price will then retreat to the middle of the $0.50 region. But if he protects this place, a new leap will come. According to him here the bottom is confirmed.

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