Analyst: Bear Season Ends in Bitcoin

Are new rises at the door for Bitcoin? The popular analyst shared his comments on the answer to this question.

“Plan B”, a closely followed analyst of the crypto money industry, shared new analysis on his Twitter account. Analyzing Bitcoin (BTC), the analyst emphasized that crypto money investors should not lose hope. Although “Plan B” was wrong with its estimate of 100 thousand dollars in 2021, it should not be forgotten how successful it was in the 2018-2019 bear season.

The successful analyst, who predicts the bottom and top points of Bitcoin very accurately with the S2F model, claims that BTC is at the bottom of the bear season again.

“Yes I missed the top and $100K. But it’s not like nothing happened after my March 2019 S2F article/prediction: BTC pumped from $4K (last blue dot 2019) before the halving to $60K after the halving (red dots 2021) . That brings us to today: 6 blue dots and 2024 halving on the radar”

Underlining that the leading crypto currency has bottomed out at $ 17,700 with an 80 percent probability, Plan B expects new rises to occur in the future. So, will Bitcoin, which has gone through a difficult period, be able to recover again?

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