Analyst Answered: What are the Buy Levels in BTC?

Cryptocurrency Analyst Michael Van De Poppe expects a correction in BTC, the leading cryptocurrency that has been on the rise recently.

Michael Van De Poppe, an analyst closely followed by cryptocurrency investors, has been known for his bullish predictions lately. Expressing that he expects a rise in Bitcoin, unlike many analysts in the past, Poppe has been successful in these predictions with the latest rises. As of now, many crypto investors are caught in the FOMO.

Investors who expect the upward trend in Bitcoin and altcoins to continue, according to Poppe’s claim, may remain in an upside down position in the future. The successful analyst conveyed the following words about Bitcoin’s latest appearance on his official Twitter account:

“Wouldn’t be surprised if we get something like this on the markets for #Bitcoin. Massive run, and yes, much comparable to 2019, however market structure is different on macro side. HL is definitely the go-to zone for heavy longs on #altcoins too.”

It seems that many crypto money investors prefer altcoins rather than Bitcoin because of their profit margin. Although BTC has experienced serious rises recently, even altcoins that did not experience a huge rally experienced as much as Bitcoin. Michael Van De Poppe, who expects Bitcoin to drop to the point of 19 thousand dollars in the coming period, emphasizes that long-term altcoin purchases can be made thanks to this correction in the last analysis tweet.

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