In the list compiled by the crypto analytics company Santiment, Cardano (ADA) ecosystem ranked first in terms of developer activity, surpassing major projects such as Polkadot (DOT), Cosmos (ATOM) and Ethereum (ETH).

Santiment's work is based on the number of developments, code submission, and issue interactions software developers have made on their web-based repository service GitHub. The cryptocurrency analytics company uses the number of GitHub transactions that the project generated to calculate the metric. Accordingly, Cardano ranks first with 387.33 contributions, followed by Polkadot with 281.97 developer contributions. Kusama (KSM), which has the same activity rate as its ecosystem partner, completes the first three of the list. In the fourth place of the list is Ethereum (ETH) with 274.87 GitHub events.


GitHub activity is an interesting metric when analyzing ICOs and crypto projects. Developers’ time is a relatively expensive resource and if a given project has a lot of developers dedicating their time and skills it could mean several things: "These people believe that the project will be successful", "The project is shipping more features", "There is less probability the project is just an exit scam.".

As Santiment points out, while the overall ranking reflecting development activity gives an idea of ​​the flow of life within projects, it does not fully reflect development activity on the most popular blockchains.

Ethereum, the popular Layer 1 solution, has spawned and converged on many of the most high-profile projects in the cryptocurrency industry right now. The level of development activity in these projects has outstripped all Blockchain platforms. It's also a signal from minds concentrating on Ethereum. With all this, these facts seem to push the developers to ramp up their development activities, as Cardano developers realize they have to put in more effort if they want to get a share of the pie, the biggest altcoin Ethereum, its main competitor.