Ambitious prediction about Solana from Pal

Raoul Pal likened the Solana price action to the situation in 2018 when Ethereum increased its price 47 times after hitting bottoms.

Working as an alternative to the Ethereum network, SOL, the local asset of the Solana network, has been on the rise for the last 4 weeks, and has become the prominent cryptocurrency in the top 10, especially last week. Veteran investor Raoul Pal evaluated Solana’s outlook in a recent interview and compared the coin’s price action to the rally that Ethereum started after bottoming out in 2018. At that time, Ethereum recorded a record level of $ 4,868 in the 2-year period in the bull market that started after falling below $ 100.

Raoul Pal claimed that Solana could increase its value by at least 20 times, even if it does not rise as high as Ethereum. Despite the problems seen in the past, the investor said that his prediction is not a dream considering the current protocol and the remarkable growth in ecosystem activity.

Solana hit an all-time high of $260 during the last bull run. Then, it fell to $ 8 in the downward momentum that started. If Raoul Pal’s prediction is correct, it means that SOL has registered an increase from current prices to $ 470.

SOL has made a significant leap in the last month. So much so that the crypto money fell to $ 12 in the market, which regressed with the effect of the SEC last month. The crypto money, which is in fast demand from this level, found buyers at $ 22 today, and has increased by 73% since the bottom level on June 10.

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