Raoul Pal, who previously worked as a mutual fund consultant at the European representative office of Goldman Sachs, which provided financial support to corporate customers, has been drawing attention with his predictions for cryptocurrencies recently.

In an interview with Altcoin Daily on January 29, Raoul Pal stated that Terra and Polkadot have been the focus of institutional investors lately.

   “Terra has very large investors. The DeFi space has attracted the attention of many investors and still is."

   "Many large investors are investing in Polkadot. DOT will experience a big bull in the long run. Polkadot didn't make the super rise that everyone expected him to do, he made himself forget. At a time when everyone has given up, Polkadot has risen to new heights."

Polkadot (DOT)

Also speaking about Ethereum, Pal thinks the crypto asset is still bullish. He also believes that ETH will rally strongly in 2022. However, it foresees many consolidation periods as well as providing big gains.

   “I believe Ethereum will do very well over time. Transaction fees are really expensive, but I attribute this to the popularity of the network. If they can keep the transaction fees to a minimum, then ETH will really explode.”

Raoul Pal believes that Ethereum will become 10 times more valuable than its current market value with increasing adoption rates and the implementation of the ETH 2.0 update.