The cover of the latest issue of the US-based bestselling magazine TIME reads, “The Metaverse will change everything.” Touching on very critical details, TIME is sitting on the crypto agenda.

The world-famous TIME magazine has carried the metaverse, which has been talked about more since last year, to its cover with Facebook's big move. The cover article of the magazine, which has reached more than 40 million readers, claims that the metaverse will change everything. According to the article written by author Matthew Ball, the metaverse will affect almost every aspect of life.

TIME magazine had taken some important steps regarding cryptocurrencies earlier last year. The magazine, which started accepting cryptocurrencies in digital subscriptions, also auctioned off its three covers in NFT format. TIME also made an agreement with Grayscale, one of the largest investment companies in the crypto money field, to publish an explanatory video series about crypto money, and started to keep Bitcoin on its balance sheet.


TIMEPieces, TIME Magazine's Web3 community program, collaborated to create a virtual arts and business hub called "TIME Square" on the Sandbox metaverse platform. TIME Square, which is planned to be established in the sandbox universe, will be a pioneer in the metaverse universe in terms of virtual meetings and events as well as commerce. The designs are expected to reflect the own aesthetic of the New York-based media company. TIME President Keith Grossman made important statements on the subject.

   “Our goal is to create an environment that can be the center of the metaverse universe. By launching TIMEPieces in September 2021, we focused on developing a new audience on WEB3, leveraging the 100-year legacy and reach that TIME created on Web3.”

TIME Square will be an inclusive environment that offers unique experiences to TIMEPieces holders. It will also serve the TIMEPieces community by providing virtual access to discussions, meetings and events, screenings of TIME Studios projects, and educational experiences.