Amazon’s NFT Plans Revealed

CoinDesk reported that the tech giant is about to implement its NFT plans, with an email from an official Amazon email account confirming the existence of an NFT marketplace located on the e-commerce platform.

The email sent to Nikhilesh De, CoinDesk’s editor-in-chief of global policy and regulation, as a transaction confirmation following the automatic renewal of Amazon Prime subscription, resulted in confirmation of Amazon’s NFT plans. Nikhilesh De stated that he did not purchase any NFT from Amazon and although he did not have any information about the NFT integration of the platform, he received a notification e-mail in this direction.

The email in question provides new information about Amazon’s plans to expand to Web3, and offers clues as to where and how these new tools can be found on the platform. Interestingly, Nikhilesh De added that the email sent to him states that an NFT has been deposited in a gallery hosted on the official Amazon website, but the links in the email are not yet working. The email appears to mention resale opportunities and states that NFT will not be available for resale until unlocked. In addition, the requirement to register as an affiliate before listing NFT for sale is notable.

There have been rumors for weeks that Amazon is planning to launch its own NFT marketplace, but no official statement has been made from the tech giant. The first claim that Amazon will launch its own NFT marketplace was reported by crypto news site Blockworks in January. At that time, it was stated that Amazon would focus on Blockchain-based games and related NFT applications. At the beginning of the month, Blockworks took its claim one step further and provided a noteworthy news that Amazon will launch its NFT marketplace on April 24 under the name “Amazon Digital Marketplace”. In January, Amazon’s cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that it would be working with Ava Labs to expand the scope of enterprise blockchain collaborations, but the announcement made no mention of NFTs or plans for a digital marketplace.

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