Important statements about cryptocurrencies and NFTs continue to come from Amazon, one of the largest companies in the world. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in an interview with CNBC that he believes cryptocurrencies will grow even more.

“Cryptocurrencies are a thriving field. There is serious discussion going on. There is no crypto payment option in retail in the short term right now. I am not currently investing in Bitcoin or NFT, but I think cryptocurrencies will get bigger over time. The NFT industry is also an important one. will see growth. NFT sales on our platform are likely to happen in the future.”

Jassy did not give a clear answer to the question of whether Amazon has any plans to appear on social media.

"Obviously we all use Twitter. I think Twitter will be owned by someone else from now on."


Lyn Alden Shares Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoin Forecast!

Economics expert Lyn Alden said that a new economic variable is making it difficult to predict the price of Bitcoin (BTC) over the next six months. In a new interview on Kitco News, Alden claimed that Bitcoin's short-term outlook will have uncertain days due to economic hardships as a result of high inflation and high unemployment.

“In the next six months, there is so much uncertainty because historically, if you look at rising and falling PMI [buying index] environments, most of Bitcoin's bull run activity takes place in rising PMI environments. When you have favorable liquidity and risk-taking behavior, Bitcoin does very well. "In a declining PMI environment, Bitcoin has historically suffered heavy losses. What's new is that Bitcoin has never faced a stagflationary environment in major developed markets, so this is a completely new variant."

Economics expert Lyn Alden

Despite the uncertainty, Lyn Alden says that Bitcoin is still a better investment compared to other assets.

“I would definitely rather own Bitcoin than some companies that have tons of supply chain risks, margin pressure and stuff like that.”

Thinking that Bitcoin will create strong foundations, Alden said:

“I am somewhat neutral for the next six months. I expect the volatility to increase. In the longer run, I think the basic picture looks great. The improvement over it, the use cases for this might be clearer, especially now people are fleeing Ukraine and can easily move their wealth with Bitcoin, many risks they are protected."