Altcoin EOS Wants To Go Back To Its Old Days

Altcoin EOS, which has shown significant rises in the past and made its investors smile and reached billions of dollars, aims to make a new attack.

The EOS Foundation will fund EOS-based apps, among other steps, while gearing up for a “fresh start.” EOS, which once reached a market cap of $14 billion, is poised for a complete resurgence in network operations and growth, with extensive support planned for app developers.

According to crypto research firm Messari, this is thanks to the efforts of the EOS Network Foundation, where CEO Yves La Rose is spearheading plans for a consensus mechanism upgrade, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) solution, and an overall renewed growth strategy.

The EVM mainnet is scheduled to launch on April 14, with updates and improvements expected in the weeks and months to follow. “Combining the performance of EOS with the awareness of Ethereum, Solidity developers are in for a big surprise,” Rose said in a tweet last week.

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