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Allegedly “Pausing Crypto Wallet Plans” For Twitter

Sad news for cryptocurrencies came from the social media giant Twitter, which was bought by the famous billionaire Elon Musk for $ 44 billion.

Big changes continue to happen in Twitter, which was bought by the famous billionaire Elon Musk. There are many changes and innovations on Twitter, such as the fact that 50 percent of its employees will be fired, 8 dollars per month from approved accounts with blue ticks, and the restart of Vine. On the other hand, Twitter allegedly shelved its plans to develop a Web3-based crypto wallet.

Engineer Jane Wong, who is known for leaking new features of social media platforms and has more than 140,000 followers on Twitter, stated in October that Twitter is working on a Web3-based crypto wallet prototype. Wong said in a post on his social media account:

“Twitter is working on a wallet prototype that supports crypto deposit and withdrawal features”

Wong, who did not disclose his source, was thought to have accessed the information he shared from open source codes. As a matter of fact, there were some developments confirming Wong’s claim, and Twitter’s crypto wallet was put on hold. However, a sad news came from Platformer on the subject. Allegedly, Twitter paused and shelved its Web3-based crypto wallet development plans.

The social media platform launched the tipping feature with cryptocurrencies in September last year. In addition, the NFT profile pictures that Twitter Blue has been working on for a long time have started to work. Although the availability varies by region for now, users can link it to their Twitter profile photo if you have an NFT wallet and display their NFT as their profile photo.

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