Alfred: Bitcoin Is “Shaking” Before Rise

Mike Alfred, CEO of Digital Assets Data, recently shared on his official social media account, stating that he stood behind his target of $25,000 in Bitcoin, shaking off short-term investors before rising, and that the rise would continue. In the post he shared, Alfred hinted that Bitcoin will rise to $ 25 thousand after the correction in the current situation.

“#Bitcoin still shaking out the tourists before it moves up to $25,000. You really love to see it.”

Many users who follow Alfred on social media stated that they supported their ideas by sharing similar views with the CEO. In another post he made in the recent past, Alfred, who pointed out that the level of $ 23,133 is very important, stated that if this level is passed, $ 150 thousand in Bitcoin is inevitable.

Bitcoin was in an uptrend in the first week of February and hit a new high above $24,000. However, the token failed to hold the $24,000 level and the price dropped below the $23,000 level. Market experts believe that February will be less successful than January. Market experts have warned that the current trend in crypto and equities could reverse this month amid uncertainty about the possible impact of macroeconomic data from the United States on market sentiment. However, the reason for the negative trend can be attributed to the Federal Reserve’s recent rate hikes.

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