Alden: “If 1% becomes 5% or 10%…”

Economist Lyn Alden stated that the price of Bitcoin could go much higher. Alden, who participated in the program of famous podcaster Peter McCormack, stated that Bitcoin could have a “funny level” market value.

Writing that the largest cryptocurrency is currently preferred by both individuals and institutions, Alden said that investors now want to keep more of their assets in Bitcoin:

How much, what percentage of your total assets would you like to keep in Bitcoin? I think the logical answer here is that it will be more than right now. The current figure is about 1 percent. But what if this figure is 5 or 10 percent? Then Bitcoin could have a ridiculously high market cap. Bitcoin could be a global asset where people want to hold a portion of their total assets.

Alden also stated that Bitcoin is constantly rising against almost all currencies, and people cannot be indifferent to it: “If this is a good thing for you, then you can not remain indifferent and expect more rises. So you buy more”

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