Alden Answered! Is there a Buying Opportunity?

March seems to have started well for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). Showing upward movements again, BTC is gaining value gradually, although it has not been able to break the resistance. The positive movements of Bitcoin also make altcoins rise. If BTC surpasses the $25,000 resistance in the coming days, it may bring much greater rises. Lyn Alden, a successful economist, commented on Bitcoin and financial markets as of yesterday. Alden, who gave an interview to the Swan Bitcoin channel, conveyed the following words:

“I have some concerns about the second half of the year because when the debt is untied, you will see the US Treasury trying to draw liquidity from the market to fill its account, and if the FED is still pulling liquidity from the markets at that time, there may be a rapid decline in investment instruments. Thus, corrections may occur.”

“If you follow the fundamentals of the network in Bitcoin, if you think the network is healthy, if you think all aspects are still working as intended, and if you think there are no competitors close to what BTC has to offer, then remember that even these prices are a strong buying opportunity.”

Expecting a decline in the second half of 2023, Alden emphasizes that despite everything, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues to provide strong buying opportunities.

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