Alchemy Pay Partners With Web3 Project

CyberConnect, Web3’s oldest and largest decentralized social network, has partnered with Alchemy Pay to have Alchemy Pay’s native token CYBER listed on the fiat On-Ramp. This token integration offers users a simple and harmonious way to effortlessly acquire CYBER using known fiat payment methods and preferred fiat currencies.

Emerging as one of the most trending projects in the current crypto world, CyberConnect stands out as a forefront web3 social platform that gives developers the power to create social applications and gives users control over their digital identities, content, relationships, interactions and monetization channels.

A user base of 2,600 projects and 1.2 million users and creators, alongside key names such as Messari, Rarible, 1inch and BNB Chain, develop lasting relationships through apps built on CyberConnect. Its latest update, CyberConnect V3, extends its reach to multiple EVM-compatible chains and leverages ERC-4337/Account Abstraction technology.

As an expert in the crypto payments industry, Alchemy Pay has made a significant contribution to bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and mainstream accessibility by facilitating fiat payments for crypto and Web3 services. The company diligently seeks and obtains licenses for payment and financial services in order to serve users in different countries and regions effectively.

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