Airline Loyalty Program Powered by NFT Technology

Europe’s second largest airline, Lufthansa, went beyond traditional aviation loyalty programs and announced Uptrip, a loyalty program supported by NFT technology. While concepts like NFTs and blockchain may seem complicated to many, Lufthansa has simplified the user experience by stripping away the tech lingo, making it as easy as scanning the QR code on your flight ticket. With this innovative program, customers can collect digital assets and win various rewards as they complete their collections.

The Uptrip program uses the potential of NFTs in a gamified and user-friendly way. Passengers participating in the loyalty program receive NFTs corresponding to their flight routes, and each route offers pieces from their unique NFT collection. By collecting and completing these collections, passengers can gain many advantages and immortalize their travel experience with digital assets. Some of these advantages are; tangible rewards such as free flights, access to special airport lounges and special passenger status… Additionally, if you choose not to use the NFTs you collect, you have the option to sell or gift them and turn your digital assets into a valuable business asset.

Lufthansa airline has made its new Web3-based loyalty program available to all of its 36 million existing members. More than 20,000 passengers have already embraced this innovative approach, and more than 200,000 NFTs have been created by passengers. The company’s entry into Web3 technology has also paved the way for the adoption of Web3 and NFT by millions of people, thanks to its accessible and engaging loyalty program.

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