Agreed with Huawei Increases FACTR Value

The altcoin named FACTR agreed with the giant technology company Huawei during the fall of Bitcoin and multiplied its value.

It seems that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has lost value in recent days. Although it started to recover again after the FED minutes, the resistance of $ 25 thousand still could not be broken. The fact that this resistance point is not exceeded limits the rises in the sector. Although Bitcoin’s gains are stagnating, some altcoins are experiencing massive gains. It is observed that the altcoin named Defactor (FACTR) is at the forefront of this rise.

Defactor, which signed an agreement with Huawei, one of the largest companies in China, promoted the project through Huawei’s official Twitter account. Huawei’s post includes the following statements:

“is a start-up that bridges traditional financing to the new world of #DeFi. Check out their journey at the Huawei International Scale-Up Program in Ireland delivered by @dogpatchlabs.”

After this agreement, it was seen that the altcoin named Defactor (FACTR) increased by 1017 percent. FACTR, which managed to double its value in a very short time, became the agenda of the sector. As of now, FACTR is only listed on the decentralized exchange called UniSwap. Defactor (FACTR) climbed to 890th place in market capitalization with the recent rises.

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