Renowned graphics and media software company Adobe brings design monetization to Behance apps, thanks to its collaboration with Solana. Adobe also integrates the Behance application with Phantom wallets. Thus, users will be able to connect their Behance accounts and Phantom wallets and allow NFTs on the Solana network to be viewed on their own profiles.

Phantom is known as one of the leading Solana-based wallets designed for DeFi applications and NFTs. In order for Adobe to provide this integration, QuickNode, a Web3 infrastructure application, is used on the Solana blockchain.

behance nft

Using the Behance application, designers can also proactively showcase NFTs created on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain in their profiles. However, as far as is known, the majority of Behance users do not prefer the Ethereum network due to the very high gas fee and high power consumption on the Ethereum network. Behance users think that Solana stands out with its affordable price and high performance. The Phantom team emphasizes that this is a giant step for Solana and that creativity will increase gradually.

In October, Behance artists made their first attempt by linking their Phantom wallets to the platform and displaying NFTs on their profiles. After that, Adobe; Opensea also signed agreements with NFT markets such as Rarible, KnowOrigin and SuperRare. In addition, Adobe Behance users can now access their SOL NFTs.

behance solana nft

In addition, the company plans to add a new credential tool to Photoshop against hacking and other security weaknesses of NFTs. Thus, it is aimed that NFT holders will be recognized correctly by the platform and there will be no account stealing activities.

On the other hand, Web3 giant QuickNode plays the biggest role in this integration. QuickNode, which provides access to Solana's main network so that Adobe can provide this integration, shows that it is the leading node provider by feeding more than 50% of the Solana network.