Activity Continues in Meme-Coins

After the sharp rise in the PEPE token in mid-April, the activity in meme-coins continues. So much so that weekly earnings reached almost 600%. Here are the 5 most rising meme-coin projects in the last 7 days. The latest market data indicated that meme-coins are regaining momentum. In the last 24 hours, Chad Coin (CHAD) has gained 79%. DinoLFG (DINO), which has similarly low market capitalization, also gained over 50%. Dogelon Mars (ELON), one of the well-known meme projects, recorded an increase of 8%.

The performance of meme-coin projects in the last 7 days is quite remarkable. Although these gains are appetizing, the speculative nature of breast projects should be taken into account. In addition, the high investment risk of these projects, which have a very low market value, should not be ignored. In the first week of May, Wojak (WOJAK) stood out among meme-coins, gaining 601% in value. Chad Coin (CHAD) comes right after Wojak coin with 571%. The whole list is as follows:

  • Wojak (WOJAK) 601%
  • Chad Coin (CHAD) 571%
  • Kermit (KERMIT) 412%
  • DinoLFG (DINO) 352%
  • ArbDogeAI (AIDOGE) 121%
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