Aave Might Make a Move for Coinbase’s Base

While Coinbase aims to expand its collaborations with Base, an update on the situation came from Aave. Aave reports that it is considering expansion to Base, the Layer-2 Blockchain.

Flipside Crypto submitted the remaining proposal at the “pulse check” stage for initial community feedback. The executive forum of crypto lending project Aave plans to migrate to the recommended implementation of version 3 on Base, the Layer-2 Blockchain powered by Coinbase.

Aave’s proposal to measure the pulse of the community was made by Francis Gowen, a protocol expert at analytics firm Flipside Crypto, who is also a delegate and contributor to Aave. Currently, Aave is going through the first ‘temperature check’ phase where community members can provide feedback.

In the proposal, Gowen outlined to the community the recommended risk parameters for assets planned to be commissioned in Base. If the current stage receives sufficient preliminary support, the proposal will move to the next stage for further discussion and risk parameter considerations. If the proposal is successful, it will advance to a final chain vote that paves the way for deployment.

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