The world of NFT is growing, and it's becoming more and more common for almost everything we see on social media to be converted to NFT.

NFT news came about a post that went viral on social media for a while. The coffin dance, which shook the social media with its interesting dance while carrying a coffin on their shoulders, and which is pulled and twisted for almost every subject, is on the agenda again. The reason why the video, which ravaged a period of time, is now on the agenda again was the conversion of images to NFT.

NFT sold for 327 ETH ($1 million)

In the video in question, 6 coffin bearers dance with the coffin on their shoulders to Tony Igy's song Astronomia. The video, which affected almost the whole world, was transformed into NFT with the work of Benjamin Aidoo and Matthew 'DigiNeko' Odrick, who uploaded the video to YouTube, and was put up for auction at the Foundation.

It was announced that 50 percent of the income from the NFT of the video will be donated to support the victims of the war in Ukraine. The first sale took place shortly after the auction started, and a person bought NFT for 327 ETH (approximately $1 million). The donation of revenues in order to support the victims of war by converting the video, which once made social media users laugh and have fun, to NFT, received praise from many people.

How to Make an NFT

Generating NFT refers to the process of converting a digital asset to NFT. This whole process is called NFT minting. During the NFT issuance process, NFTs are encrypted to the blockchain with cryptographic encryption algorithms using the hash function. Digital assets converted to NFT are generated on the blockchain of users' choice. Users must have a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the blockchain they want to generate NFT. With this cryptocurrency wallet, it is necessary to register in the marketplace where the NFT will be exhibited. Each NFT marketplace can offer users different options. Marketplaces for users who print NFT; may offer options such as direct listing and auction. Users can offer their NFTs for sale by choosing the appropriate marketplace platform for them.