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A Trader Gets Million From Faking Pepe Coin

A trader turned his $12,000 investment into $1 million 50k in just 10 days, thanks to the rapid rise of Pepe 2.0, an imitation of Pepe Coin. According to Lookonchain, this investor, whose identity is unknown, initially received 13 billion PEPE and 0.06 ETH for 12 thousand dollars on June 13. He later sold all of them and switched to BITCOIN (a meme coin unrelated to BTC).

On June 28, it caught PEPE2.0 and spent 400,000 BITCOINs to buy 6 trillion PEPE2.0. Then it started providing liquidity to PEPE2.0 and gained more. Thus, the investor, who obtained 7.9 trillion PEPE2.0, sold 5.2 trillion of these tokens for approximately 614,000 dollars.

As of today, the investor, who continues to hold 2.7 trillion PEPE2.0 with a value of 533 thousand dollars, has exceeded 1 million dollars in total profit on paper. The investor has 97 billion PEPE and 633 billion BOBO out of the remaining 2.7 trillion PEPE2.0.

The 24-hour trading volume of PEPE2.0, which has been in operation for about 10 days, has recorded a great increase. The trading volume of the cryptocurrency has exceeded $160 million today. Its market value is just over $50 million.

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