According to crypto media outlet Protos, Yuga Labs is releasing a brand new NFT (non-fungible token) collection, Mecha Apes, by the end of this year. Based on a document leaked by Protos, the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) plan to raise $50 million from the collection and release 100,000 virtual plots.

This has certainly sparked some serious speculation among BAYC fans, and many have started looking for clues about Mecha Apes. Some have pointed out that the rumor is consistent with a leaked Yuga Labs field deck that includes a 2022 roadmap for the Otherside metaverse. As shown below, a project called Ultimate Mecha Ape is expected to hit the scene in September.


You must have heard of BAYC's metaverse project Otherside, which was released in April. Yuga sold 100,000 acres of digital land at the time, making a total of $600 million from primary and secondary sales. However, a leaked Yuga Labs rollout platform (as above) surfaced a month before the highly anticipated launch. Many people already knew about the Otherside and its future plans. With Ultimate Mecha Ape on the list, many can't help but anticipate that these new NFTs - if they go live - will be closely related to the Otherside ecosystem. For now, no one knows what a Mecha Ape looks like or its role in the Other Side.

Yuga co-founder Garga immediately denied the accuracy of the roadmap when the above field presentation came out in March, claiming it was an "old" and "outdated" field deck. So it's not surprising that Garga also denied rumors about Mecha Apes. As seen in the tweet below, he dismissed the news as "fake news" without further comment. Since there is no official confirmation in sight, we have to wait and see.