A New ARB Frenzy is Starting?

In the past, the project named Arbitrum (ARB) was launched. ARB, which caught a huge hype in its first period, lost this hype in the following process. However, according to Look On-Chain, in the last 2 days, whales have started to buy the altcoin called ARB again.

Detecting that whales affiliated with Amber Group, a popular digital asset company, purchased Arbitrum, Look On-Chain stated the following about the details of these purchases:

A whale related to Amber received 2.95M $ARB ($3.86M) from #Binance in the last 2 days. The buying cost is ~$1.31. The whale transferred 1.45M $ARB($1.9M) to addresses”0x1eea”, which could be an investor of #Arbitrum.

It is estimated that Arbitrum (ARB) may rise again in the future with whale purchases. The whales seem to believe that the ARB frenzy and hype are still not over and the project is not reaching its potential.

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