A First from the Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

Global cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has announced that it is the first exchange to launch Copy Trade on the spot market. Bitget, the first exchange to offer Copy Trade for derivatives in 2020, developed One Click Copy Trade to offer a similarly intuitive experience for spot traders in 2023. The Copy Trade feature, which Bitget has expanded to the spot market after the derivatives market, provides a good starting point for beginners to increase their chances of profitability in the shadow of a more experienced trader. In addition, users enjoy greater transparency and flexibility as the feature shows traders details about ROI, time to buy and sell, portfolio and historical records, and allows users to set Maximum Trade, Stop Loss and Take Profit options.

Bitget’s flagship product “One Click Copy Trade” simplifies trading by allowing beginners to follow complex futures strategies with minimal effort. The product, which also attracted the attention of users, has accumulated more than 80 thousand traders and 338 thousand followers in the futures market as of December 2022. The newly launched Copy Trade feature on the spot market aims to provide a smooth and convenient experience by giving users the option to follow their trading strategies and have cryptocurrencies in their wallets. While users can view the trader profiles provided by the platform, they can look at the Profit/Loss status as registered in the system, the trader ranking and select the trader they prefer to follow according to their portfolio. On the other hand, One Click Copy Trade offers a win-win solution. Because the followers’ transactions are automatically executed with the orders of the subscribed trader after the subscription, and a profit share percentage is received only when the transactions are profited. This feature also offers a passive income stream for successful and experienced traders to further increase their returns. Commenting on One-Click Copy Trade, Bitget General Manager Gracy Chen said:

“Bitget was the first exchange to offer Copy Trade on the crypto futures market in 2020, and since then, One-Click Copy Trade has always been a standout product in the company. The success of the product is proven by numbers, making Bitget the largest crypto Copy Trade platform. “We’re proud to be expanding this product into our spot market today. This expansion will further expand our audience base and social trading offerings, while further solidifying our leading position in the crypto space.”

Chen underlined that they continue to work to provide a healthy investment experience to their users.

“We are committed to providing our users with the best possible social trading experience. At Bitget, in addition to perfecting our product offerings, we provide the Custody of Funds, Merkle Tree Proof of Reserves, and Bitget’s $300M Protection Fund to protect and secure the funds of users on our platform throughout the crypto winter. We have offered a number of security and protection measures, including

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