A Bitcoin wallet with 407 BTC assets that had been dormant for over eight years has finally taken action. According to the data transmitted by Whale , the BTC wallet, which has become active for the first time since 2013, currently contains $ 15.5 million.

   "A dormant address containing 407 #BTC (15,460,523 USD) has just been activated after 8.3 years (worth 355,254 USD in 2013)!"

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Considering the value of Bitcoin at that time (it was worth about $355,254), it is clear that the wallet in question made a serious profit.

It is very remarkable that such large wallets have taken action recently. The addresses in question, which date back to 2011, continue to preserve their mystery. Many claim that these wallets belong to Satoshi Nakamoto.

On the other hand, an inactive Ethereum wallet containing more than $5 million in ETH recently also woke up late last month.

The move by such high-stakes wallets is interpreted by many as a bearish signal. For this reason, it is followed closely by some segments.

Bear Market Comment from Bitcoin Investor Ark Invest!

Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, which draws attention with its investments in innovation and has caused a lot of damage to its investors recently, spoke to CNBC. Continuing to defend the company's innovation-oriented portfolios, Wood said that he expects great returns in 5 years.

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“We are in a terrible bear market,” the CEO said, adding that his expectations have not changed.

   "We are in a terrible bear market for innovation. However, when we look from the bottom to our peak in February after Covid, we see that we have increased by 358%. Considering our growth prospects in these new technologies, I think we will see some spectacular returns in the next 5 years. We have received significant inflows since January 17th." (approximately $1 billion). I think most of our investor base is lowering their average cost. If you lower the average over time with a strategy, you'll be amazed how quickly the price rises above your average. If we're right, we expect pricing well above investor costs in 5 years."