In late January, a listing error occurred on the popular NFT platform OpenSea, and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs were offered for sale well below their current price. For this reason, a Bored Ape owner sued OpenSea for $1 million.

Texas user Timothy McKimmy filed suit, claiming that OpenSea knew of the error in January but did not take the necessary measures to resolve it.

bored ape yacht club 3475

Timothy McKimmy's filing with the Texas federal court reported that he did not list Bored Ape #3475, but was sold for 0.1 ETH, and that NFT was sold again for 99 ETH soon after. OpenSea returned 750 ETH to users who lost their NFT in the attack, but McKimmy said that he was not satisfied with these attempts by OpenSea, and took the case to court.

OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace, has recently found itself at the center of legal disputes and scams, resulting in users working with competing markets. OpenSea announced this week that it was exposed to phishing scams with $1.7 million worth of NFT theft.