Lee: “Bitcoin Still Makes Sense For Some Investors”

Thomas Lee thinks that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin will eventually make a comeback.

Terra Classic Is One Step Closer To Its Goal

While the Terra community is taking striking steps within the scope of the resurrection project, current developments and data are enough to excite the community.

Popular Analyst’s Alert for Ethereum and BNB

The popular crypto analyst who predicted the collapse of Bitcoin in May 2022 is again warning the market in advance.

Two Good Results for DOGE Investors

According to data released by a popular crypto analysis firm, Dogecoin investors have put a huge margin on other cryptocurrencies in profit and stress rankings.
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Hedera Ecosystem Grows 171%

Despite the bearish mood in the market, this altcoin has grown by 171% in three months.

Analyst: These Two Scenarios Could Start Bulls

A seasoned analyst says that if Bitcoin hits certain price targets, it could guarantee the start of a new bull market.

Elon Musk Shared! Twitter 2.0 and Cryptocurrencies!

Everyone is excitedly waiting for the day when Elon Musk will integrate cryptocurrencies into the platform, and Musk finally shared his plan.

Green: “Confidence in Markets Is Returning”

DeVere Group CEO Nigel Green is optimistic that the cryptocurrency bear market is months away.

Top 3 Altcoins Earning This Week

These three popular altcoins became the highest earners of the week.

Kraken CEO Criticizes Binance Reserve System

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell spoke harshly about the Binance reserve system and said what should be done in his opinion.

Highest NFT Purchases in the Network Realized

Ripple (XRP) reported via a tweet that one of the XRP Punks has sold 108,900 XRP.

“Decentralization Must Win”

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson emphasized the importance of decentralization in crypto.

Interest in Cold Wallets Increases

According to the data; Demand for cold crypto wallets is on the rise after the FTX crash.

“Assets Issued With Only Computer Code Are Not Securities”

Belgium's financial regulator made a statement stating that only assets issued with computer code do not qualify as securities.

What’s New with Shanghai Update?

Ethereum developers have announced future innovations in subsequent updates.

Analyst: In Mathematical Model, This Level Bottom For BTC

Bitcoin is currently trading around $16,500, but CTO of Digital Wealth, has suggested that the price will drop further.

Europe-Centered Metaverse Initiatives Tripled

Investments in metaverse startups in Europe have tripled. Venture capital firms listed the metaverse startups they were interested in.