According to the “Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly Report” shared by CoinShares, it was determined that a total of $75 million was invested in crypto money mutual funds last week.

In the report published on February 14, it is stated that in the last 4 weeks, investment inflows in cryptocurrencies totaled $209 million, and in general, 0.4% was invested in digital asset products (AuM) under management.


According to the report, a total of $25 million was invested in Bitcoin last week. A total of 21 million dollars was invested in Ethereum, which is the second largest crypto money known by its market value and has been out of money for the last 9 weeks. From other cryptocurrencies, Terra has received $2.2 million, Tezos $0.9 million, Cosmos $600,000, Solana $3.1 million, and Ripple $2 million.

Cryptocurrency markets are experiencing some decline today, after rising to $2 trillion with yesterday's increase in value. The total market capitalization, which saw an increase of 5 percent yesterday, is approximately $ 1.95 trillion with a pullback of more than 2 percent towards the evening hours today. The last 24-hour trading volume is at the level of 70 billion dollars.


Stronghold Founded a Fintech and Web3 Themed $100 Million Fund

Payment technologies company Stronghold will invest in financial technology and especially Web3 fields with its 100 million dollar investment fund.

Founded by Stronghold, the $100 million Stronghold Capital will be investing in areas “largely ignored by fund managers,” including the blockchain ecosystem. The start-up investment fund has already invested in two startups, Alameda Research, founded by Sam Bankman-Fried, and Precursor Ventures.

Tammy Camp, who is the CEO and co-founder of Stronghold, will be the fund manager of Stronghold Capital. Stronghold Capital's goal will be to contribute to the change in the financial ecosystem by investing in companies that operate with "business models that will deliver attractive returns."