6 New Altcoins Added to Ledger Live

Ledger, one of the largest wallets in the crypto money industry, continues to become widespread in the industry day by day. The number of investors actively using Ledger has increased significantly in the last bear season. The bankruptcy of many cryptocurrency exchanges in the past year, naturally, caused the confidence of investors in exchanges to collapse.

Important steps continue to increase to increase the number of investors using the popular crypto wallet, Ledger. As of today, Ledger announced that it will support 6 more altcoins. Sharing the announcement on his official Twitter account, Ledger gave the following words on the subject:

We’ve just integrated not 1, not 2, but SIX new coins into Ledger Live! That’s right – @Bittorrent , @AstarNetwork , @syscoin , @MetisDAO , @VelasBlockchain & @MoonriverNW ‘s native tokens $BTT, $ASTR, $SYS, $METIS, $VLX & $MOVR are now available in Ledger Live!

Investors who own the above altcoin can now actively use Ledger Live. Today, it has been observed that these products have not experienced a remarkable activity.

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