The analyst, known as Capo in the market, evaluates the course of Bitcoin to his more than 250 thousand followers on Twitter. Capo warns that once Bitcoin starts to recover, buying BTC could result in huge losses.

According to the analyst, the bull trap was confirmed and this time it took place below $40,000. Every bounce is a bull trap when the trend is bearish. Capo talks about Bitcoin's price surge before the Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it will raise interest rates. Bitcoin has plummeted since then. This is a typical bull trap before the Fed meeting.


Capo also claims that Ethereum could also fall as low as $1,100. Saying that ETH is currently in the distribution phase, the Analyst said, “The main target in ETH: $1100 to $1300.” used the phrases. Claiming that the leading altcoin ETH will continue to lose momentum, Capo warns investors to be especially careful against bull traps in a bear market.

Real Estate in Portugal Sold with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies have started to be used in almost many areas. For the first time, real estate in Portugal has been purchased directly in Bitcoin (BTC) without the price being liquidated.

bitcoin house sale

An apartment in Braga, Portugal was sold directly for 3 BTC in the first real estate sale with Bitcoin (BTC). Zome, the real estate company that participated in the sale with a group, said:

   "This deed represents a historic milestone, the transfer of a digital asset to a physical asset into a home without being converted into any euros."

To buy real estate with cryptocurrency, it first required him to convert his assets into euros. Also, the country's notary law has set clear rules on how to create title deeds for real estate sales made directly in crypto. Carlos Santos, Zome's chief technology officer, thinks the deal will open up new opportunities for the company. According to Nuno da Silva Vieira, attorney for Antas da Cunha Ecija, the deal has the potential to be "a great opportunity for growth and value creation" in Portugal.