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5 Most Searched Cryptocurrencies on Google in 2022

The cryptocurrency market had a tough time in 2022. The main reasons for this are the Fed’s hawkish stance and monetary policy. Other factors include the collapse of FTX, Terra, Celsius Network and other projects and platforms. On top of all these developments, the total market has dropped by 70 percent since the beginning of the year and is currently hovering around $770 billion. In this process, many traders and investors withdrew from the market. Meanwhile, as a result of the low demand for crypto, the interest in the keyword “buy cryptocurrencies” on the internet has dropped to the bottom of the February 2020 period.


Despite all this, Accenture’s Global Consumer Payments 2022 report reveals an interesting situation. Despite the market crash in 2022, retail investors’ interest in cryptocurrencies remained high. Some users who explained this gave reasons such as long-term investment (28 percent), curiosity (22 percent), and short-term speculation (21 percent).


Finance site DollarGeek did another study. The most sought-after cryptocurrencies of 2022 have emerged worldwide. Thus, as we move towards 2023, it became clear which coins individual investors are most interested in.

At the top of the list in question is Bitcoin (BTC), the market leader and the first cryptocurrency. More than 28 million BTC searches were conducted monthly worldwide.

On a monthly basis, Dogecoin, which is seen as the favorite coin of famous entrepreneur Elon Musk, is in second place. Another meme coin, DOGE rival Shiba Inu, is in third place. After Bitcoin, Dogecoin and SHIB, Ethereum is in the top five, followed by Avalanche. Litecoin, Cardano, XRP, Safemoon and Nexus follow these tokens in the list.

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