Last year, artists, investors, entrepreneurs started to show more interest in Non Fungible Tokens (NFT), one of the latest products of the emerging Web3 space. Last year was also a year of breakthrough for NFTs with a sales volume of more than $14 billion.

NFTs, which are unique, irreplaceable, mostly digital items that users buy and sell online, reached $565 million in sales last week.

Here are the five best-selling NFT collections:


fluf world nft

The seven-day sales volume of the collection was $7.9 million, with 670 sales and the highest sales price of $99,742. FLUFs are created in 14 categories to be completely unique.



With a seven-day sales volume of $9.3 million, sales of 318 and the highest sales price of $214,666, Doodles has a delightful range of colors, features and sizes with a 10,000-piece collection.



The seven-day sales volume was $9.9 million, the number of sales was 910 and the highest selling price was $84,553.



The collection, with a seven-day sales volume of $35.3 million, sales of 183, and the highest sales price of $951,844, is defined as the project that inspired the Modern CryptoArt movement.


bored ape yacht club

With a seven-day sales volume of $75.8 million, sales of 916 and a top selling price of $834,938, BAYC is the unique digital collection that lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFT non

What is NFT?

NFT is a digital asset that has a value and is collectible. Assets that can be counted as NFTs; It can be any piece of art, video, tweet, a website, images, stories you create on social media, and more. All these digital assets can be NFTs when they meet the necessary conditions.

It is also possible to define the concept of NFT as the reflections of an asset that may have a collection value under normal conditions in the digital world.

The value of NFT comes from its uniqueness. So when you buy an NFT, you have a digital asset that no one else has. You can think of owning an NFT as getting yourself an original code in the digital environment.