With the change of Facebook to Meta, metaverse coin projects have become one of the most remarkable coins in the crypto money market. MANA, AXS and SAND have reached billion dollar market capitalization with millions of players.

Telling his 380K Twitter followers that Decentraland is trading in a long ascending channel on the weekly chart, TechDev said, "MANA has one of the cleanest channels with a clear repeating structure." said. According to the chart, TechDev is claiming an astonishing 730% rally for MANA in the upcoming period.

TechDev Mana

According to TechDev, ZIL is correcting around $0.09 before starting a major rally above $1.10. TechDev's forecast is based on Elliott Wave theory, an approach to technical analysis that predicts future price action by following the psychology of market participants, which tends to manifest in waves. According to TechDev's chart, ZIL is currently in the middle of its fifth and final wave.

TechDev Zil

Benjamin Cowen says he is looking at the 50-week moving average as a potential short-term target for Chainlink (LINK). Cowen also looks at Chainlink in Ethereum pair (LINK/ETH) to gauge the strength of LINK.

COwen Link

Looking at the chart, the analyst points to a potential upside reversal signal that has been forming for several months:

“Actually I would argue that breaking above the 50-week MA might have been a bit more impressive. This actually comes in at $24 right now and this is where we were last rejected in January 2022. In case LINK gives a nice push up, let's say around 35% , then we'll be at the 50-week moving average, and then we'll be competing with the area where we've only been rejected by a few people."

“LINK/ETH valuation is trying to double bottom, but it may be slightly lower, basically to break above the bull market support band as it was in January 2022.”

Cryptocurrency analysts also think that Axie Infinity (AXS) and Enjin Coin (ENJ) from the leading crypto exchange Binance list should be followed closely in April. Axie Infinity is the largest play-to-win game by market cap and is home to over 2.6 million players. Enjin Coin (ENJ) is a blockchain platform that enables the tokenization of in-game items of Ethereum-based play-to-win games. At current levels, trading at $1.79, ENJ is up 36% over the past 30 days.