2071 BTC Out of Inactive Wallet for 9 Years

There has been an interesting whale movement in the last 2 days when Bitcoin has fallen. On December 19, 2013, a person who sent 6071 BTC to his wallet when Bitcoin was at $ 663, sent 2071 of this number (about $ 60 million) to another wallet. It is noteworthy that the whale has not made any movement for 9.3 years and that it has moved for the first time in many years.

The main motivation of this person who took the withdrawal from his wallet years later is not clear, but some experts claim that recently, funds were stolen from old-style wallets, and some early investors who were afraid of this were also withdrawing their funds to new wallets. It is claimed that not only Bitcoin, but also many cryptocurrencies and NFTs, including Ethereum, are among the stolen cryptocurrencies, but this has still not been fully verified.

There are also allegations that the funds withdrawn from the wallets were not due to a technical error in the encryption and were stolen through the interception of the personal data of some individuals. So this whale may also have wanted to divide its funds into several wallets to keep them safe. The remaining 4000 Bitcoins in the wallet continue to stand here.

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