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“Bitcoin Ordinals Must Switch To Cardano”

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson thinks Bitcoin Ordinals should switch to Cardona.

Analyst: “Solana Should Rise Above $30”

The anonymous server of InvestAnswers says in a new video that the number of daily active addresses on Solana rivals that of Ethereum, but is currently only worth 1/25 of the market cap of ETH.

Messari Founder Signals Long for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ryan Selkis invited investors to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), pointing to US monetary policies.

ECB Completes Digital Euro Prototypes

The ECB is examining the use of distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts for the new digital currency.

Tether to Launch Bitcoin Mining in Uruguay

Tether has announced that it wants to mine Bitcoin (BTC) using sustainable energy in the South American country.

Activity on XRP Blockchain Soars to Record Highs

Blockchain data shows that active XRP addresses are near record levels.
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Ethereum NFTs Can Be Moved To Bitcoin

Bitcoin NFT marketplace Ordinals Market has announced the BRC-721E standard that allows users to port their ERC-721 NFT to Ordinals.

A Total of 500 Million Dollars of Unlocking Awaits 4 Tokens

Apart from optimism; Major projects such as Hedera, SUI and 1inch will have a total of 500 million dollars unlocking and tokens will be included in the circulation.

“Next Bull Could Be Different With New Crypto Technologies”

Changpeng Zhao shared his thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Gokal: “Solana Could Be The Apple Of The Crypto World”

Raj Gokal, co-founder of Solana (SOL) altcoin, talked about his altcoins with assertive words in his latest statement.

Analyst: “Moon Time” for Bitcoin

The popular analyst points out the strong signal, calling it “moon time” for Bitcoin.

What Does the SOPR Metric Tell Us?

In this Bitcoin metric, looking at historical events, it is observed that BTC may seize an opportunity for an upward rally at the moment.

“Ethereum Can Stand Out as a Store of Value”

The global asset manager has shared its latest price prediction for Ethereum.

Deaton: “Real FOMO Will Start at $2”

Ripple proponent claims that enthusiasm in XRP will start after $2.

Huobi Steps into Hong Kong, the Crypto Center

Huobi also stepped into Hong Kong after OKX and Gate.io exchanges. The company has also started its services to corporate and retail customers.

Jimbos Protocol Trying to Revive

Arbitrum-based protocol tries to recover from million dollar attack.

Analyst: 2-Year Actual Price is $29,500

Experienced analyst PlanB expects the 2-year price level to be passed for permanent rise in BTC.

Increase in Floki’s Trading Volume

Shiba Inu-themed Floki sees an increase in trading volume after the Chinese move.