Bull Comment from the Analyst for BTC

While Bitcoin continues its horizontal course, a bull comment for BTC came from the famous crypto money analyst Charles Edwards.

Solana CEO Says “Ignorance” for Allegations

Anatoly Yakovenko responded to allegations that network outages in Solana were caused by on-chain voting.

Analyst: “I’m Waiting For BTC To Rise Again”

Cryptocurrency analyst, using the nickname DonAlt, said that he bought back the Bitcoins he sold.

Antcliff: GameFi Domain Will Be One of Web3’s Carrier Industries

Daniel Antcliff, Head of Business Development and Operations at Gate.io, predicts that the next emerging trend will be shaped by privacy and managed identities.

Huawei Will Work on Web3 Adaptation in Asia.

Huawei announced its cooperation with the industry's important crypto companies as part of the Metaverse project.

Gamium Corp (GMM) Rises After Partnering With Meta

One of the most rising tokens of the day in the crypto money market was Gamium (GMM), with an increase of more than 600%.

$1.6M Offer To Twitch Streamer For Its NFT

Players who finish the Dookey Dash game get the NFT of the Dookey Dash winning key at the end of the game. Winning players are offered a hefty sum for this NFT.

SHIB Whale Moves Billions to the Stock Exchange

The crypto tracker named Lookonchain has identified two major transactions that moved around 200 million SHIB to sell on crypto exchanges.

The Least Exit in Fund Outflows is in Ethereum!

In the report, prepared according to data published by Coinshares, it was stated that macroeconomic data that exceeded expectations affected the crypto sentiment.

“Sam Bankman-Fried Hurts the Cryptocurrency Industry”

Emin Gun Sirer, CEO of AVAX, made statements about the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Important Update for Shibarium

Shiba Inu developer has made an important update for Shibarium.

ETH Wallet, No Sales for 9 Years, Profited 5300x

The mysterious Ether wallet has not made any sales in 9 years, making a profit of 5300 times.

Ripple Comment from the President of Chia Network!

In a Twitter post, Gene Hoffman expressed confidence that Ripple will lose against the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
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Burniske: “Calls For New Lows Anytime Soon Are Silly”

Chris Burniske, said he believes crypto is looking strong despite the recent market-wide pullback.

5 Coins That MakerDAO Founder Bought and Sold Revealed

The co-founder of MakerDAO, behind the popular altcoin MKR, has been making some notable trades lately.

Cardano’s NFT Project Announces Sandbox Integration

Clay Nation, one of the most successful NFT projects in the Cardano network, announced its integration with Sandbox (SAND).

A First Legal Activity Occurred in Metaverse

Colombia has recently held a hearing in the Metaverse, marking the execution of its legal proceedings.