Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson claimed that major corrections are routine for the crypto industry and that the recent crash is not abnormal.

Speaking in a new video, Hoskinson mentioned that experienced traders have witnessed corrections of similar magnitude to today's. The famous CEO, who does not find it right for new investors to sell with the panic button, says that this move always causes loss in the long run.

   “I've been in this market for almost 10 years and I remember before $1 in Bitcoin. Then it went down to $30, then $4, then $250, then $80, then $1220, then it went down again to $250, then $20,000, then $4,000, then $69,000..."


Transferring the rises and falls of Bitcoin, Hoskinson emphasizes that the leading crypto money will always rise if you look at the general trend.

   “The moment new investors, for example, collapse of a stablecoin or the collapse of bitconnect or those kinds of things like Luna, they say, 'Oh my god, this is the end of crypto, it's over, we're all going to die, the markets are over, the dream is over' ditor."

Referring to the recent LUNA disaster, the successful CEO says that new investors are in a great panic environment in such sales.

   "This market will never end. Even if there are small rebounds at the moment, big uptrends will probably start in mid-2023 before the 2024 halving."

Cardano CEO, who expects a recovery in the crypto market in the short term, states that the crypto market will start to rise again in the middle of 2023.

Famous Bitcoin Bull Announces Selling BTC Assets

Bill Miller, chairman of Miller Value Partners, told CNBC that he has sold some of his Bitcoin (BTC) holdings due to margin calls sent to him.

Miller, who wore a baseball cap with a golden Bitcoin symbol on it during the interview with him, initially answered the question "Have you sold your Bitcoin?" with "shortly no".

However, Miller said it is selling off some of its assets to respond to margin calls. Miller said: “In difficult times, one may want to sell very liquid assets, and BTC has that feature.”

As it is known, a margin call is made when an investor's margin account falls below the amount required by the platform he is investing in.