Europe-Centered Metaverse Initiatives Tripled

Investments in metaverse startups in Europe have tripled. Venture capital firms listed the metaverse startups they were interested in.

High-Price NFT Sale Despite Bear Season

An NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection has sold for $927,000 despite the big dips and recession during the bear season.
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“When These Are Over, Most of the Companies in the Cryptocurrency Market Will Be Gone”

The head of Ava Labs talked about the future of the cryptocurrency industry and made a striking claim.

According to Two Analysts; This Altcoin Is Giving Up Signals

While BTC has been hit hard by the recent crises, 2 analysts claim that the popular altcoin will greatly appreciate.
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CZ Talks About Binance’s Recovery Fund

Binance CEO responded to the criticism and talked about the recovery plan.

Notable Bitcoin Forecast from Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital offered a perspective on the Bitcoin forecast and crypto market by giving its opinion.

Litecoin Challenges the Bear Market

Litecoin is challenging the bear market. So what is the reason for the rise in LTC?

Are Whales on a XRP Hoarding Craze?

Ripple's whales, whose case with the SEC did not fall on the agenda, carried 225 million XRP from exchanges.

Wood: “Bitcoin Will Be $1 Million This Date”

According to Cathie Wood, Bitcoin, which has had a hard time, will reach a value of $ 1 million by this date.

New NFT Collection for Hot Wheels

Mattel announced that it will create a new NFT collection for Hot Wheels.

Filecoin Developers Announce New Update

An update statement came from Filecoin, one of the stars of the altcoin season. The date has been given for the update.

“World Economic Forum Wants to Work with SHIB”

Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama announced that they have been invited to the World Economic Forum.

Important Step Towards Bitcoin Bonds From El Salvador

An important step has been taken for Bitcoin bonds in the Bitcoin-friendly country of El Salvador.

Zhao Searching for Cash in the Middle East for Crypto?

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao seeks cash in Middle East for crypto recovery fund

Another Good News for BENQI (QI) Investors

BENQI (QI), which is also listed on Binance, has been on the rise after the Coinbase listing.

The Smurfs Join Metaverse Game The Winkyverse

The famous cartoon Smurfs join The Winkyverse, the world's first educational game metaverse.

Tweet from Litecoin to Other Altcoins

Litecoin's (LTC) latest Shiba Inu share attracted attention, but at the same time, it received a reaction.