Bill Gates Expresses Opinion on Crypto, Metaverse and Web3

Microsoft founder Bill Gates explained his views on crypto and web3 at an event he attended on Reddit. Speaking at the AMA event held on Reddit, Gates does not expect these technologies to be anything big.

Bill Gates Is Not Enthusiastic About Crypto

Answering the question of whether a user will be “a technology as big as the internet”, Gates said that artificial intelligence is the technology that is really big. Microsoft is known for investing in artificial intelligence technology at every opportunity. Bill Gates also said that one should not bet too much on technology trends such as web3 and metaverse.

Gates said that when the internet first became popular, people made exaggerated predictions for five years from now, but underestimated its potential 10 years from now. Considering Gates’ anti-crypto comments, these statements were also not a surprise. The Microsoft founder stated that NFTs are also stupid. Gates has previously criticized the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin for its energy use.

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