It has been announced by Whale that XRP whales are on the move again. XRPs, which were carried in large quantities, managed to attract attention.

Whale announced twenty-two XRP transfers carrying a total of 1.68 billion coins from various digital exchanges. Some of these XRP stacks were carried by anonymous digital wallets, according to Bithomp.

Some of the transfers carried more than 100 million and 225 million XRP. One of them was made by Bithumb, Korea's largest exchange (103,000,000,000 XRP equals $100,014,220).

225,110,200 XRP has been swapped between wallets labeled as “unknown”. This equates to $217,828,270.

Cryptocurrency Whale

A transfer carrying the same amount of crypto - 225,110,160 XRP - was also made by an anonymous wallet to the Binance exchange. Binance then shifted 225,117,280 XRP to another anonymous wallet, but the Bithomp service revealed that this was an internal crypto move by the CZ-run exchange.

Other XRP transfers were made by the FTX exchange, Bitfinex, again Binance (which acts as both sender and receiver), Bitstamp, Coinone, and Bittrex.

Several transactions worth 60 million, 79 million and 95 million XRP were made between anonymous wallets. Overall, $1,479 billion worth of XRP has been tied in the last twenty hours.