It is known that the trend products of the crypto market are metaverse coins. These products, which extend even the last bull season, have a great future and potential.

The fact that many gigantic companies take steps in this sector attracts the attention of investors. The biggest of these steps was that the company named Facebook changed its name to META.

Although there have been allegations that META will buy a metaverse coin recently, there has been no official statement on this subject yet.

In addition to giant companies, the interest in metaverse technology and products in their countries continues to increase day by day.


Shanghai, which has recently started a new fund for the development of the metaverse and its inclusion in life, states that as of today, it has allocated a capital of 1.5 billion dollars to this fund.

While the People's Republic of China is against payments with cryptocurrencies, it continues to focus on the successor technologies of cryptocurrencies such as DeFi and metaverse.

Wu Jincheng, chairman of the Shanghai Economic and Information Technologies Committee, believes that these steps will take metaverse technology to a much higher level.

The Shanghai manager, who believes that these investments will reach a total value of 224 billion dollars by 2025, continues to support metaverse technology and products.