100 million dollars unlocking for 3 projects

$100 million in tokens will be unlocked this month on crypto projects ApeCoin, Aptos, and Optimism. ApeCoin will see the largest increase in the circulating supply of APE token with 11%. Optimism’s OP and Aptos’ APT will increase by 3 percent and 2 percent, respectively.

According to Token Unlocks, ApeCoin, the management token of the ApeCoin DAO and affiliated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT community, will experience its biggest unlock. ApeCoin will launch 40.6 million APE tokens on September 17, 11 percent of its circulating supply of $58.1 million. The majority of the locks will be distributed to those who contributed to the launch of the project. $10.5 million will go to the treasury, $6 million to developer Yuga Labs, and $3.2 million to its founder. The remaining 397 thousand dollars will be donated to charities.

Optimism (OP) will launch 24.2 million OP tokens on September 30. The unlock, which represents 3 percent of its circulating supply, is currently worth $33.3 million. Approximately $17.6 million will go to the core contribution. $15.7 million will be opened for investors. It has dropped 12 percent since Optimism launched the same amount of tokens on August 30. OP’s circulating supply more than doubled at the end of May.

Aptos will issue 4.5 million tokens worth $25.2 million on September 12, equivalent to 2 percent of its circulating supply. Approximately $17.8 million will go to the community and $7.4 million will be allocated to the Aptos Foundation. Aptos also released 4.5 million tokens in August.

A total of more than $175 million in tokens will be released in September. Other key unlocks this month include Sui ($17.4M), dYdX ($14M), and ImmutableX ($10.2M).

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