1 in 5500 Occurred! 6 BTC Won!

It is the third time since January that a miner has managed to mine a single block. A person who mines Bitcoin individually and independently, realized an event that should have lasted hundreds of years with the machine he used in a short time. The miner, who found the block with the 6-year-old “old” mining device, earned 6 Bitcoin (about 160 thousand dollars).

This person, who found the 275th block of the Bitcoin blockchain on the Solo CK Pool platform, realized the probability of 1 in 5500. Ck Pool admin Con Kolivas pointed out that the miner was lucky and stated that under normal conditions, it should take about 450 years for a miner with this capacity to find the block. Kolivas also stated that the individual miner is probably using an old S9 Bitmain Antminer. The S9 model of Bitmain’s Antminer series was produced in 2017.

One of the most difficult times for such individual miners to find blocks in this way and thus have BTC rewards may be this time period we are in. Mining, which is getting more and more difficult, makes it almost necessary to use powerful machines that are constantly and developing. As it will be remembered, in the figures at the end of May, the mining difficulty had exceeded 51 trillion and broke a new record. The higher the difficulty level, the harder it is to find blocks. This makes it almost impossible for individual miners to monetize the industry.

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