$1.6M Offer To Twitch Streamer For Its NFT

Popular NFT creator Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash game is played with great admiration by game lovers. Players who complete the game receive the NFT of the Dookey Dash winning key at the end of the game. Winning players are offered a hefty sum for this NFT.

One of the popular Twitch streamers, Mongraal, or real name Kyle Jackson, announced that Yuga Labs received a bid of 999 Ethereum (ETH) for the key NFT after the Dookey Dash game won, that is, about $ 1.6 million at the time of writing the news. Jackson thinks this offer will not be enough to sell the said key NFT.

Mongraal initially put NFT up for sale at 2,222 Ethereum (ETH), or about $3.6 million. The only bid made to NFT to date was a bid of 690 Ethereum (ETH), or $1.1 million, made by the United Planets DAO. Those who submitted 999 Ethereum (ETH) offers to Kyle Jackson, aka Mongraal, were announced as Memeland, which created 9GAG. Finally, it remains unclear what the key will open.

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