“Crypto Must Show Itself Again…”

Mike Novogratz stated that the SEC's lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase will not end in a short time.

Shiba Inu to Unveil Trailer for Rocket Pond

Shiba Inu is unrelenting in intriguing its community as it is set to reveal the trailer for Rocket Pond Hub in its metaverse.

Curve Adds Support to stETH

The stETH support statement came from the decentralized exchange Curve Finance.

BTC Whale Stirs After a Decade of Dormancy

One bitcoin whale has woken up after more than 10 years of inactivity.

ENS to Bring Blockchain to Browsers in September

Ethereum Name Services (ENS) is preparing to launch its new service called “.box” in September.

Kiyosaki: “Collect Bitcoin and These Items”

Kiyosaki, in his post on his official Twitter account, says that a new crisis is at the door.

PEPE Is Among The Featured Assets In The Market

PEPE is among the fast-recovering altcoins after the market pullback.

Garlinghouse: “There Are Different Reasons Behind the Scenes!”

Ripple CEO made a different claim for the SEC's lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase.

DeFi Transaction Volume Increases After SEC Pressure

Total daily trading volumes on decentralized exchanges have increased by nearly $800 million in the last two days.

Another Move from Apple to Metaverse

Introducing its first mixed reality glasses just the other day, Apple acquired a company focused on augmented reality.

Optimism Successfully Completes Bedrock

Optimism has successfully completed the Bedrock upgrade. It is aimed to reduce transaction fees, deposit and confirmation times.

Analyst: “The Correction is Over”

Cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe claimed that the fix is over in his post on Twitter.

Blockchain Partnership by Swift And Chainlink

Swift will work with Chainlink to take a closer look at how major financial institutions can integrate with Blockchain networks.
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Horizen Partners with Ankr

According to the statement made by Horizen, the Ankr partnership will strengthen the EON smart contract platform.

First Response from Coinbase to SEC Lawsuit

In a statement signed by Coinbase general counsel Paul Grewal, it was stated that the exchange will continue its activities as normal.

“There Are Symbiotic Spaces Between Crypto and AI”

Kraken's new CTO made statements about what artificial intelligence can bring to the crypto industry.

“Chokepoint” Reminder from Hoskinson

Cardono founder Charles Hoskinson called for unity after the lawsuit against Binance.
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NFT Partnership Between GameStop and Illuvium

GameStop will release an NFT collection with Illuvium.